Balzac Editions

Balzac worked on the organization of his oeuvre at the same time he occupied the garden apartment. La Maison de Balzac works to conserve the integrity of this literary monument: primarily with original editions but also to conserve contemporary works of a rare or precious character.

Among these editions are the oeuvres de jeunesse (published under pseudonyms), pieces of theatre (that Balzac directed alone or in collaboration), as well as the theatricals adaptations of his novels. The library also conserves many prefaces and belgian counterfeits, against which Balzac, founding member of the Society of Men of Letters, fought against in the name of the rights of the author.

Donors have equally understood the number of illustrated editions for which the author had a particular interest : thanks to his frequent journalistic endeavors, Balzac knew personally many illustrators among the most respected of that time and their ability to create smaller vignettes destined to illustrate a work, and his contributed in this way to launch the careers of many renowned artists. The first edition of his completed works, the Furne edition (1842 - 1848) was adorned with boards from the best pens of the period. From 1852 to 1856,the popular publication Maresq was illustrated with more than 200 engravings in their original wood or printed in other publications. With the Conard edition published in the beginning of the twentieth century, Charles Huard revived iconography in a meaningful manner, before the advent of modern editions with less literal illustrations.