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Our Cultural and Educational Services are available to you to prepare your visits and propose to you adapted activities, specific prices, thus providing a customized experience for the organization of your projects.


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For Adults

Familiarize yourself with this famous man!

Visit and discover the museum: “Balzac, the life, the works” For a first look at his life and his work in his house, nestled in a garden with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Get to know him, get to know yourself:

Themed visit and discussion, “Balzac and women.” A visit centered around the women in Balzac’s life and works. His was an original vision of women in the 19th century.

For Adults and Families

Adapt to the city - City Tour

Field Trip: “Traversing the Alleys with Balzac”

A promenade in the Parisian passages, connected to the themes raised by Balzac in The Human Comedy.

For Children and Families

Write and Communicate!

Workshop-reading: The Correspondance with Madame Hanska. For Balzac, the woman of his life.

The reader describes this exchange of almost 20 years, then engaging the participants in a read-aloud of certain letters chosen for a specific theme.


Dream and Change!

Enchanted visit: Honoré’s Cane

Balzac’s enchanted cane allowed him to slide under the skin of all sorts of characters. Come listen!

We can also consider other themes of visits and activities you propose.