Whether you’re a business, a foundation or an association, you can be a part of the life of the Balzac House, by providing (your choice!):

  • A material sponsorship: donating an object for the museum, for example;
  • A skills sponsorship: helping us develop new cultural activities, or offering your expertise in renovations and other related work;
  • A financial sponsorship: donating towards an acquisition project or the restoration of our collections.

In involving yourself with acquisitions or restorations, the publication of our works or our cultural programs and exhibitions, you benefit both financially and with exceptional publicity.

Tax deduction details:

If you are a business, in donating 20,000€ you will actually spend 3,000€.

  • Reduction of the tax on companies up 60% of the gift
  • Counterparts match up to 25% of your contribution
  • The final net cost is thus only 15% of the initial amount of the donation.

If you are a private individual, in donating 100€ the real cost of your donation is 34€. You benefit from a tax reduction on equal income at 66% of the amount of the donation (limited to 20% of taxable income), which would be 66€ of 100€ given.


Chantal Millet

General Secretary

01 55 74 41 80