Renting our space

Nestled on the hillsides of Passy, the Balzac House is the last of the Romantic-era Parisian dwellings that remains today. Evoking originality out of Balzac’s well-known world of fiction, our museum presents the most spectacular creations inspired by Balzac’s work, including Rodin, Picasso, Louise Bourgeois and Pierre Alechinsky. The Balzac House and its garden also gives you the chance to welcome your guests in a location immersed in literature and art, all the while keeping the countryside charm of the ancient village of Passy.

Spaces to reserve:

In the library of the Balzac House, you’ll find a studious atmosphere, warm ambience, as well as great acoustics for your management seminars, press conferences, breakfasts...Plus, weather permitting, your guests can enjoy the inner courtyard by Rue Berton, a little cobblestone pedestrian road that’s full of charm.

Area: 77 square meters; capacity: 50 people.

The garden that lines the Balzac House offers a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower. Our lawn is perfect for a buffet tent, as well as tables. The flower beds and groves fence in our little hidden nooks and tranquil spaces.

Area: 650 square meters; capacity: 80 people.

The museum is comprised of Balzac’s apartment (5 rooms) and three exhibition rooms that evoke the life, work, and posterity of the author. Your guests can thus discover (or rediscover) the master behind The Human Comedy.

Area: 285 square meters; capacity: 50 people.


6 Hour Rental

  • Library: 1,200€ (tax included)
  • Garden and Library: 1,700€ (tax included)
  • Museum, Garden and Library: 3,000€ (tax included)

16 Hour Rental

  • Library: 2,500€ (tax included)
  • Garden and Library: 3,600€ (tax included)
  • Museum, Garden and Library: 6,000€ (tax included)

Flat-rate for a 2-hour visit, 25-person group: 450€ (tax included)

Flat-rates for breakfast:

  • In the library: 700€ (tax included)
  • In the garden: 1,000€ (tax included)

Flat-rate for filming: 200€ (tax included)

Wages for supervisors: 22€ surcharge per person per hour, 33.60€ surcharge per person per hour after midnight.


Chantal Millet

Secrétaire générale

01 55 74 41 80