Past Exhibitions

Designed Writing - Rodin, Duchamp, Dotremont and Balzac

Du 13/03 au 21/06/2015

Horaires : 10 AM -6 PM

Plein tarif / Tarif réduit : -

With designed writing: Dotremont, Duchamp, and Picasso, la Maison de Balzac celebrating the meeting of Balzac and of the CoBrA in making a dialogue between the "painters of writing" of the XIX century (Théophile Bra, Victor Hugo) with modernity, (Jean Cocteau, Marcel Duchamp, Asger Jorn, Henri Michaux).

"Bath robes are so useful! I work like Balzac!" wrote Christian Dotremont in 1963. This stylistic attribute, but also the moustache, the modern excitements or attraction to the mysteries of Eastern calligraphy are very much affinities,  whether they are involuntarily or carefully cultivated. Founder of the CoBrA movement, Dotremont dedicated himself to a complex and lively rapport with Balzac’s works. One sees, <La Comedie Humaine for all> under his paintbrush.He also did research on Balzac’s writing and his rapport with the text; unexpected usages of printer fonts, the importance of the hand… His logograms are inscriptions in Chinese ink, vivant and organic, born from the interaction between thought and gesture.

            A question long studied by Balzac, so attentive to the creation of ideas, who asks himself, “Who explained to us the philosophical transition of the sensation to the thought, of the thought to the verb, of the verb to its hieroglyphic expression? “ Playful and poetic, the exposition is interested in the physical experiences around writing initiated by Balzac, and proposes a reflection on the most intimate motivations for artistic creation.