En réserve

Works preserved in the museum's storages.

Some artworks are extremely fragile and must remain in storage protected from light. These may include artworks from the following collections: 

Manuscripts: a large collection of manuscripts including some in Balzac's own hand (manuscripts, correspondence, notes and corrected proofs) as well as letters and manuscripts signed by famous pens (Colette, Bourdelle, Gautier, Dumas, etc...) 

Drawings and prints: the graphic works collection consists of approximately 4,500 engravings and 225 drawings. These works are on the one hand illustrations for La Comédie humaine, on the other hand works on life and morals in the first half of the 19th century (Daumier, Gavarni, Grandville, Monnier...). Added to this are portraits of contemporaries, drawings by contemporary artists, comic strips, as well as cinema posters. 

Photographs: the most important work is Bisson's famous daguerreotype representing Balzac. The museum also keeps some glass negatives and a collection of around three hundred old photographs, classified by theme (Balzacian homes, Theater and cinema, Portraits of contemporaries, etc.) 

Books: the Maison de Balzac has developed since its creation an important collection of printed matter: first editions, illustrated editions, books printed by Balzac, copies enriched with drawings, annotated or autographed. These collections are preserved and can be consulted at the library.

Poster for the Devil in Paris

Gavarni (Guillaume-Sulpice Chevalier, dit) • 1843 • Droit d'auteur : maison de Balzac - Paris Musées

Advertisement for Les Français peints par eux-mêmes

Charles FURNE Droit d'auteur : maison de Balzac - Paris Musées