Past Exhibitions

De profundis - What can we take from Gautier's works 200 years after his birth ?

Du 30/08 au 30/09/2011

Horaires : 10h-18h

Plein tarif / Tarif réduit : -

The responses brought by the students of the National Superior School of the Applied Arts and Art Jobs -- Olivier de Serres demonstrates how much great writers knew how to profoundly impact every generation, and with every generation this impact changes.

These future architects, graphic designers, and sculptors have not, in effect, only read the best known publications such as Le Capitaine Fracasse, the Roman de la momie or the collection Emaux et camées.They have retained Fortunio, Le Club des Hachichins, Le Chevalier double, Deux Acteurs pour un rôle, Paris futur, Ménagerie intime… rare texts where the students have uncovered sensuality, fantasy, small touches that transform reality, like the fantastic more vigorously expressed, they knew to feel  poetic power condensed into a few words made by this lover of the french language.
Invited to investigate the external universe invoked by Gautier, young men quickly understood the predominant part of the imagination, there understand by apparently precise descriptions, and revived an author who was not anchored in the past; instead he was modern, provocative, brilliant: that was Gautier himself. Designs, photos; sculptures, “needle work”, retracing the students’ progressive discovery of this private Balzac, the only one of these rarities to have never been entered into the house in Passy.

Commissaires d’exposition : Candice Brunerie, Chargée de la communication de la Maison de Balzac, responsable du fonds Théophile Gautier et Frédéric Siard, Professeur d’Arts Appliqués et Design à l’ENSAAMA-Olivier de Serres.